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Alu-Line plane
made of aluminum and recyclable plastic


Alu-Line Hobel

Solid aluminum anodized plane sole

  • anodized plane sole: raus löschen – sorry doppelt
  • Low center of gravity - guarantees easily controlled planing.
  • No rust formation due to material – no discoloration of the wood.
  • High quality anodized finish– Test stand: 7.5 km planing distance with no effect on the planing pattern.

Planing horns and hand protectors

  • Ergonomically shaped - fits the hand comfortably.
  • Made of recyclable plastic.
  • Pleasantly light and can also be used with one hand - ideal for a quick planer joint on the construction site.

Anodized aluminium side panels

  • Available in various designs

Knife unit with interchangeable blades

  • Adjustment of the cutting depth: Eccentric lever shifts the complete knife unit - easy, fine, controlled.
  • Cutting angle 49°.
  • Fast work without time-consuming sharpening.
  • Easy blade change - quick access to replacement blade magnetically fixed to the blade unit.
  • With interchangeable blades and spare blades, ideally 4 sharp cutting blades are at hand.
  • Cutter unit is held together compactly by magnets also on the outside of the plane body.


Interchangeable and available in different designs


Ulmia Alu-Line-Hobel-A4


Best of 2023 - Heimwerker Praxis

Best of 2023 – DIY practice

Heimwerker Praxis - Testbericht

DIY practice - Test report

Introductory video
knife change


Multifunction table
MFT 1200

A new development from ULMIA:

stable I mobile I foldable

The multifunctional table is made of high-quality aluminum profiles. The corner joints are designed specifically for this table and are precision machined from 3mm steel.

More information can be found here


Alu-Line Winkelkoffer

Precision angle set

The „Black Edition“ is particularly characterized by the high-quality wooden inlay made of smoked oak. Like all woods used by ULMIA, these come from German cultivation, have been sustainably felled and dried.

More information can be found here

ULMIA Black Edition

Videos Multifunction Table

Application video
Perforated plates

Application video
C-profile panels

Application video
Plastic and Zinc coating plate

Introductory video
Multifunction Table



The design of the ULMIA miter saw has been revised to match the ULMIA Alu-Line series. Parts of the cast table and the clamping saw handle in RAL 9006 white aluminum visually enhance the miter saw. The technical characteristics remained unchanged.

Gehrungssäge 352/352L




The precision bevel with angle scale offers you, in addition to the classic functions of recording / transferring and marking any optional angles, with the angle scale you can also read or set angles.

The special feature is the 360° angle scale with vernier. Similar to the principle of a caliper gauge, settings in the ½ degree range can be read or adjusted.

ULMIA Präzisions-Schmiege

ULMIA Präzisions-Schmiege

Logos Ulmia und Anke

innovative - unique - first class

Ulmia Hobel

Quality since 1888

The history of Anton Kessel (ANKE) began in 1888 with a small sawmill in Andelfingen on the edge of the Swabian Alb. The small company supplied carpentry and joinery with lumber and cut wood from local woods. After the end of the war, the company founder's children expanded the product range and now also supplied customers with planed flooring, wall and ceiling trim, as well as with windows and doors.

At the beginning of the 50s, the first simple work tables were made of solid wood. Gradually, this resulted in a comprehensive workbench program for industry, crafts and schools. The company acquired a special reputation with its countertops made of tooth-glued book seals.

In the 1970s, ANKE broke new ground by developing its own sheet steel production, in order to be able to offer workbenches and drawer cabinets in sheet steel in addition to the woodwork benches. In 2002 there was a further production expansion with the acquisition of the name and trademark rights of ULMIA. With this, the company continues to expand its product range and now also manufactures ULMIA bench and ULMIA woodworking tools in-house.



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